Do You Enjoy Ships? Looking for a New Hobby? Have You Considered Model Building?

You either have it or you don’t; That love for ships. You can remember when your parents used to take you to local ship viewing events, and you were able to climb all around and through the ships. This didn’t stop as you go older, of course, you were just now able to drive yourself to the events!

If you are looking to keep the time in between these events filled with ship related activities, below are some advantages of taking up model ship building as a hobby.

It Matches Your Interest

Not everybody is able to turn their passion into a hobby, but with model ship building, you can do just that! Whether you enjoy the intensity of naval warships, the leisurely look and feel of a cruise boat, or the detail and intricacy of a sailboat, you can build it to a scale size.

In Your Own Time

Just because you have a lot of spare time doesn’t mean that you need to fill it entirely with your hobby. In fact, you don’t even need to maintain any sort of schedule like you would with sport or other group hobbies. Instead, model ship building is an activity which you can do at your own pace. Because you are building your ship piece by piece, you can stop and start it whenever you like, choosing to spend 10 minutes or 10 hours at a time. This is great for those who don’t always have set amounts of free time and are looking for something easy to put down and then pick back up again.

Choose Your Difficulty

If you are just starting out then the chances are that you won’t be making anything complex. And that’s more than fine! Even if your first attempt involves picking up some basic wood and crafting supplies from the Groupon Coupons page for Home Depot and putting something rough together. What matters isn’t how elaborate your design or build is, what is important that you enjoy the time you spend making it.

No Limits

Okay, so maybe there are some limits! After all, it will reach a point where you are no longer building ships to scale but instead building ships! The point to this tip is that you can continue to grow your hobby as you improve your techniques. This can eventuate in you building incredibly detailed model ships which you could consider entering into competitions or even selling.

Share With Your Friends and Family

There are some hobbies which require complete silence and concentration. Then there is model ship building. And while the two are preferable, they aren’t required. THis means that your friends and family can join you and watch your progress while chatting and learning about what you are building. Of course, if you are comfortable, there are many additional tasks which they can do to assist you, further including them in your activity.

When it comes to finding a hobby, model ship building is a great option for those with a passion for the sea and anything which drives on them!

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Naval History

Naval History

The American Navy has played a big part in the world. Not only, during the World War One and during world war two, but they are still playing a big part in the world today. We all know that the Navy has lots of influence in the world, and that there are many navy officers that are working day in and day out to protect America and other parts of the world. However, there are many things that you didn’t know about the Navy. Like when the navy has started and what happened in the navy during the first couple of years after the Navy was born. Here are the naval history that you might not have known about the American Navy:

When The American Navy has started

The Navy was born on October 13, 1775. This was way before the world war one or world war two. The Navy was born due to all the battles to bring security, democracy, and peace to the world, especially in America.

The first American Navy as known as the Rhode Island Navy and was assembled at Rhode Island. This is where the name originated. These armed ships were the first ships that fight against the British. These ships and the navy were used during the Battle of Flamborough Head, in the North Sea. And the first commander was John Paul Jones. This happens on September 23, 1779.

From 1780

During the years, following 1780, there were many sea battles where the navy has battled. Some they have won, some they have lost. Slowly but surely, they started to become just as powerful as the British navy and they started to be able to stand up against the British navy.
They have signed an alliance with France, and with the French on their side, they started to sink the British Navy, one by one. With the revolution was over, they didn’t see the importance to continue with the Navy and the last ship, to go offline is a frigate, The Alliance.Get some information at

From the 1800

Naval HistoryBetween 1790 and 1800 they started to use the Navy again. And from the 1800, the navy start to stand up against all the pirate ships that are on the sea, destroying ships, killing people and stealing gold. The first commander gave the order to protect the sea from any pirate ships and the navy started to do regular sea checks, fighting off as many pirate ships as possible.
In the 2000, they are still one of the best navies that you can find in the world. Patrolling the sea and making sure that the Americans are protected.

There are a lot of history about the American Navy. History that many people might not have known or that they might not realize. But, for most Americans, the navy is special and they are aware about everything that the navy has done in the past to keep the Americans save. And, about all the lives that were lost from the 1700’s until now, because of sea battles.

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Atlantic Battles

Famous Atlantic Battles

During the war and from the navy was born, there are many different Atlantic battles that were fought. Some were a lot more popular than others were. With all the different Atlantic battles one thing was in common. There were a lot of navy soldiers that have died. There were a couple of the Atlantic battles that are famous and well-known. The one battle that everyone knows is the Battle of the Atlantic. Here is some information about this battle and why this battle is so well-known:

When did the Battle of the Atlantic take place?

The Battle of the Atlantic took place during the Word War two. And, even if the air battles and land battles was just as important, many people are remembering the battle of the Atlantic as historical.

The battle started in 1939 and finally ended in 1945. The battles were between the German force and navy against the Royal Canadian navy, the Royal navy and the United States navy. The battle of the Atlantic started just after the war has broken out and when German starts to block of the Atlantic so that soldiers can’t reach German land.

At the end of the day, the Germans have lost the naval battle and many German soldiers were lost during this battle. However, there were also many other soldiers of the Royal Canadian navy, Royal navy and the United States navy that have lost their lives in this battle. Many claim that the win of this battle was because of the assistance of the Royal Canadian navy.

Other reasons for the battle

Atlantic BattlesOther reasons why the Battle of the Atlantic was so essential are because many of the countries were dependent on food that needed to be imported from other countries. And, because German has blocked off all these routes, the people started to get a shortage on food and other essential things to survive.
The navy had to intervene and to make sure that these routes are open again for food imports and to ensure that the routes are open for soldiers to get from other countries to British ground and to get Canadian soldier to the war zone for assistance.

Where did the name of this battle came from

The battle of the Atlantic was actually named in 1941 by Winston Churchill. Until 1941 it was known as the “longest, largest, and most complex” naval battle in history. This is still the hardest and most complex battle today, years later. This is why the name is so fitted for the battle.

During World War two, there were land battles, air battles and sea battles. Many are remembering the World War 2 because of the Battle of the Atlantic. This was one of the biggest and most complex sea battles that were reported until now. The Germans have lost the Battle of the Atlantic that was a big reason why World War two was lost by German and won by the other countries.

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world war in canada

Canada’s Role in World War Two

When it comes to Word War two, there aren’t many people that know that Canada did actually play a role in the war. Many people think that the war was mostly between Germany and the USA, UK and Australia. However, Canada was also playing a big part in the war and they were sending many troops to fight at this war. Here are some information about Canada’s role in World War two:

Which side were they on?

There were basically two sides of the war. The German side and the USA, UK side. With the German side, Italy and Japan mostly fought together. During 1940 other countries like Slovakia, Hungary and Bulgaria joined.

The other side was the USA, UK, Australia, Canada and about 19 other countries fought together. So, Canada was on the side of the USA and UK during World War 2.
They fought against German and many Canadian troops were sent to the battle field to assist them in winning the war.

The amount of troops that they send to assist with the war

The war started in 1939 when Germany attacks Poland on September 1. The British and France declare war shortly after and this is how World War two started. The first group of Canadian troops was sent to Europe at the end of 1939.Visit site here!

Even the Royal Canadian Air Force was involved in the war and they launched many air battles with Europe in the air during the summer of 1940. They even used sea troops to assist with the battle at sea, but lost about 23 ships and lots of troops and soldiers at the Battle of the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Land and sea soldiers

world war in canadaCanada sends many lands and sea soldiers to assist Europe and other countries with the war. There were many soldiers that have lost their lives at battles like the Battle of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, and the German Luftwaffe’s attacks. At the end of the day, more than 76 000 Canadian troops were sent to the war.

And, what is really a tragedy is that more than 3 000 of these Canadian troops had died during the war. These deaths were deaths of land battles, sea battles and air battles. And, this is only 3000 of the Canadians that have died during the battle. There were thousands of people that have died during World War 2. The war ends in 1943 when German was forced to retreat and has lost the war.Read post from for more details.

Most people don’t really consider how much Canada has done in World War two. We hear so much about the Germans and the Europa and the USA, but you don’t hear as much about Canada and their role in the war. At the end of the war, more than 76 000 soldiers came from Canada, and it was because of Canada’s assistance that the Germans have lost the war. So many people have died during World War two and so much has lost loved ones. Most of these people were from Canada.

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